Saturday, April 18, 2015

You Say You Want A Revolution

Well, it was that annual special night in April when a mob of bicyclists dressed in colorful costumes and pedaling lit-up human-powered vehicles take over a few roads in downtown Las Vegas between bar stops for frivolity and laughter.

The Beatles theme ride that started from the Huntridge Tavern parking lot attracted a bicycle with a Yellow Submarine profile, guys dressed as Paul, John or Ringo and a battalion of psychedelic hippie types.

I'd say at least 500 people began the evening pedaling from the Huntridge neighborhood to The Bunkhouse off Fremont Street.

We rolled at about 5 mph, with Beatles music wafting in the air from bicycles. The whole scene is kind of a rolling Burning Man, with people laughing and joking and socializing with ease.

I broke out the fattie Pugsley with its wheels lit up in red lights. I thought my tires were fattie, then I saw this Bad Boy.


This fella won best cowboy beard.

A year ago, I was the sole Review-Journal writer at the event. Then in October, I dragged my photographer friend Kevin Cannon to Blinking Man.

And then tonight, Kevin recruited a whole gaggle of newsroom folks, including Adam, Wesley, Kimberly and Ricardo. Even photographer Sam Morris was on the scene with a camera mounted on his bicycle.

Here we are bicycling from the RJ newsroom to the staging location in Huntridge.

As usual, Kathleen Kahr D'esposito and her son, Graham, did an amazing job organizing the ride and leading a giant blob of bicyclists meandering through downtown.

I hope the ride continues.

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