Friday, April 3, 2015

Motorist Hits Quality Bicycle Products Lawyer On His Bike Commute

Motorists strike bicyclists all the time and this time a car driver struck bicycle commuter Matt Moore, general counsel for Quality Bicycle Products, a major bicycle part distributor from Minnesota and a company that supports bike advocacy across the country.

I have met Matt a few times at national bicycle events such as the National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C. and the Sea Otter Classic/Bicycle Leaders Conference in Monterey, Calif.

He's quite recognizable, with his ZZ Top-style long beard.

Bicycle Retailer and Industry News says Matt, 57, was on his 11-mile bike commute home when the driver of a small Ford SUV turned left in front on him.

"Matt suffered seven compression fractures to his spine, including three in his neck," BRAIN reported.

His hip was dislocated, too.

Matt is very involved in the bicycle industry as he serves as the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association legal and legislative committee chairman.

Matt told BRAIN that he hopes for a slow and steady recover, and that recumbent or a fat bike pedaling will be part of his rehab.

Get better soon Matt.

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