Monday, April 6, 2015

Downtown Bicycling In Las Vegas

There's no better way to get to know a city than by bicycling it.

On Friday night, I biked over to First Friday in Las Vegas -- a massive street mash up of arts, food and music in the art district.

I was hoping to see David Levy, an active Las Vegas bicycle guy who runs a cool bike valet -- or so I thought.

But couldn't find neither David nor the bike valet, so I pedaled around and bumped into a bunch of fixie riders.

They bike every Monday night, leaving from The Beat around 7:45 pm to bike around Las Vegas for about 15 miles. I think they call themselves Smash Brothers or something like that.

On Saturday night, it was back to downtown Las Vegas to bike with Kevin Cannon, photo editor at the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

We pedaled around downtown, over to Container Park, then over to the art district and back to the Container Park.

Kevin met a motorcycle biker-church guy to help him tighten his bike seat post.

We biked back to the Container Park area, where Kevin took a seat at The Market and enjoyed the view.

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