Sunday, April 26, 2015

Too Windy To Bike The Loop, So Let's Hoof It

It was way too windy to roll out the bicycle and pedal amid the Sunday morning blustery conditions.

But it was also crisp and clear -- a typical Nevada day, with the winds blowing at 20 mph thrown in there.

I was not going to be denied Red Rock Canyon -- and the Loop -- so I laced up the Nikes, put on my bike jersey below a long-sleeve cotton shirt to hold my camera and phone and drove to the Red Rock visitors center,

I started at the visitors center and walked two miles west on SR 159 to hoof the loop backwards. It was a 14-mile stroll in 3:38, reaching a peak of 4,774 and gaining elevation of 1,409 feet.

Strava documented the walk here.

The views were amazing because the vista angles were new. I always bike the one-way circuit coming in the opposite direction, so I adored the reverse angle looks at Red Rock.

Let's go walking! We're leaving the Red Rock visitors center.

Now, we're walking two miles on SR 159.

And time to turn right and start walking on the Loop. Not a soul in the parking lot at the exit.

Let's walk it!

The views say it all.

Down to my final mile -- looking back.

Back at the visitors center -- a lovely 14-mile walk,

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