Sunday, January 1, 2017

Let's Bike The Big O -- Lake Okeechobee

It's Florida's Third Coast -- the Lake Okeechobee shoreline.

And it makes for wonderful bicycling.

On Saturday I followed the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail from Okeechobee to Port Mayaca and back for a lovely 46-mile bike ride.

It's a fabulous ride with no cars and lots of soaring birds, from Great Blue Herons to ospreys.

Readers of this blog might know that I do an annual one-day, 120-mile bike ride around the lake in November to celebrate the end of summer in Florida and this was the first time I did a single chunk of the ride.

The trail atop the earthen dike that surrounds The Big Lake is paved in only two long sections. But one of the long sections on the south end of the lake is closed because the US Army Corps is fixing breaches in the earthen berm that was built to stop the lake water from wiping out the neighboring cities when hurricanes struck.

It's a taste of old Florida and the serenity and beauty are not as dramatic as mountain terrain. But it's just as inspiring.

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