Monday, January 2, 2017

Pedaling Pugsy Drinking Up The Fountain Of Youth In Florida

The old girl doesn't walk much anymore.

Pugsy's rear legs are plagued by arthritis and her lower back droops low, making it appear as if this 17-year-old pug walks like a raccoon.

But tonight just before sunset at the spacious Vero Beach dog park off the Indian River Lagoon, Pugsy strolled around the grassy field. She wobbled a bit, but still was getting around.

I thought it was a scene out of "Awakenings" and the drug in this case was Merrick's canned food of Grammy's Chicken Pot Pie.

The dog park has re-invigorated the Furry Zenmaster.

Pugsy used to take 15-minute walks about two years ago, but she has been going downhill in the walking department.

"Other days Pugsy would just stand there but today she's walking all over the place," observed a woman with long gray hair who owns a basset hound.

"Must be that chicken pot pie."

Must be.

Pugsy even began walking to strangers, like this gentleman who came to the park with four dogs.

Another older gentleman who came with his white terrier was amazed at Pugsy.

"She's like those people who decided to work out for their New Year's resolution. She;s going to the gym now," he joked.

I know Pugsy won't be around for much longer.

But she's living her life the best she can right until the end.

And that's all I can hope for.

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