Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This Is What Happens When I Dig Into My Photo Library

Frank Sinatra Jr and Patty Duke -- Patty looks much happier than Frank Jr., who looks as if someone just told him he would have to wear a helmet on his lovely coiffed locks.

LeBron James is one big dude and I'm guessing he could use a bike that's a tad bigger.

This is close to home. That's my dad, Julius Snel, pedaling to his daily tennis game. That's the official tennis shorts of Century Village. Julius has an exclusive sponsorship deal with adidas.

When you ride a bicycle, you never know what type of wildlife you might meet. Like these bicyclists providing a drink to a koala bear.

I think the bicycle elliptical device has come a long way.

I always thought it would be cool for the public government agency that oversees the raised highway in Tampa to pick at least one Sunday morning a year to allow bicyclists to ride on the top tier and enjoy the views around Tampa. There was one man who was able to convince that agency to do it -- the most powerful, influential person in Tampa, Richard Gonzmart. In 2006, Richard, who owns a restaurant empire in Tampa that includes the famed Columbia Restaurant in Yboy City, convinced something called the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority to allow bicyclists to ride on the top level of the Selmon Expressway for a fundraiser to raise money for a young woman battling cancer. I certainly donated my dollars for this cause and joyfully pedalled with the Bicycle Bash advertising board. I believe my long time bicycle pal, Ellen Pierson, snapped this photo.

Ever wonder would happen if bicycles replaced cars and bicyclists needed a place to park their human-powered vehicles. You would have this lot in Amsterdam

This "Little Man" ain't so little anymore. That's Connor, son of my friends, Barry and Vicki, back in the day when they lived in northwest Denver and Little Man ice cream brought more people to its small hut than a John Elway cameo.

That's Wayne Hall, a master journalist of the Hudson Valley north of New York City better known as "Sir Wayne of Raleigh." I believe that's a Raleigh bicycle. Wayne was the supreme zenmaster of journalism in my formative years and was the premier environmental writer of New York state. He sure knew a lot about the outdoors and could write about it in the most lovely way.

It's a St. Petersburg spring rite -- sporty little open-wheel race cars that zoom around downtown between concrete barriers but every now and then a tadpole recumbent hits the course and shows how you scorch the track.

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