Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anyone Can Bike Across The Country

PITTSBURGH -- It's being dubbed "The Ride of Your Life", and it's the brainchild of local entrepreneur Gene Nacey, one of Pittsburgh's past "Entrepreneurs of the Year". Eight individuals and two alternates, half men & half women, from 16 to 66 yrs. old and at least 25 to 50 lbs overweight are about to do something seemingly impossible. In just 6 months, despite never having participated in a cycling event of more than 15 miles, they will be officially entered as part of a cycling team, competing in the hardest race on U.S. soil, the Race Across America, from California to Maryland, in just one week's time.

"We're calling them 'Team Re-Conditioned', since we will be taking completely de-conditioned, ordinary individuals, and helping them transform into true athletes. We are making the point that anyone can do this, with the right training and desire," said Gene Nacey, Coach & Manager for Global Ride, LLC.

To raise the stakes even higher, they will also have $2,500 of their own money on the line. If they miss too much training, or don't lose enough weight, they will lose their $2,500, and one of the eager alternates will take their place. There are no refunds for any reason, including health problems. There are no excuses here. Physically, mentally and emotionally, this will be The Ride of Their Lives!

In the process, each team member must raise $10,000 in charitable contributions for the charity of their choice. They must also be accountable daily for their workout regimen, as well as everything they eat. To help with this, they will recruit a "Personal Champion" who will take point on the fund raising, and review their training and food consumption on a daily basis. They must do all of this without taking off any work or shirking any family responsibilities. In other words, they must pursue an extraordinary accomplishment, within the same constraints that they are under right now. The difference now is they must find the grit and determination to make it happen this time. They have to want it, and want it badly.

"This is exactly the kind of challenge I need to finally change and become the person I've always wanted to be. I see these guys out riding, and training at the gym, and all I see myself doing is starting and stopping. I can't seem to keep it together long enough to make it work. This time it's going to be different. This is the structure and end goal that will keep me working hard till I get there. I can't wait to start!" said Brian Krainbucher, team member for Global Ride's "Team Re-Conditioned".

This monumental effort will be led by experts in the field, and supported by a cast of professionals at Global Ride's Training Center just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. On the line is much more than money. It will be an accomplishment they will never forget, harder work than they ever realized, but personal growth in every area except for their waistline.

Applications for becoming a team member or an alternate are still being taken. Interested participants should go to, and click on "The Ride of Your Life".

For Additional Information Contact:
Gene Nacey
Global Ride, LLC
Phone: 724-594-0229
Fax: 724-339-1490

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