Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brutha, Can You Spare A Hello

I biked my bread-and-butter route to Flatwoods this morning and while on the Flatwoods loop I met TNT. I thought TNT was a TV network but it's actually also a bicycle group called "Team New Tampa."

I tried saying hi to the cyclists in TNT but none of them swapped a hello while they pedaled their pace line. I guess they were too busy training for next year's Tour de France.


Steve said...

just love how "intense" some groups are when they ride...a simple nod or hand lift says alot(and yes,I do ride with a group,and do acknowledge passing riders-even when I'm in a 20+ mph paceline!)

GhostRider said...

Roadies have such a bad reputation...and it is because of incidents like these. Lighten up, roadies -- you'll never be more than a clydesdale-class Cat. 4, and that's if you're lucky!

Dave said...

I was riding back to my car on Saturday out there from biking the trails coated in dirt and I still got a wave from a couple of guys on road bikes. I make it a habit to wave to anyone and everyone while I'm on my road bike. Just common courtesy.