Thursday, August 14, 2008

Seeing Too Many CO2s

Tampa bicycle commuter Tyson Dabney tells me that he finds empty co2 cartridges on the side of roads around here. I'm old school, so I use my bike frame pump to inflate tubes when I get flats. But I know many road cyclists do deploy the co2s. So if you do, take the spent cartridge and dispose of it properly -- as in not on the roads. Litterbugs are not cool.

Here's Tyson's report and he sent the photo above.

"As a bike commuter i get on the streets of tampa daily and I've been noticing something that makes me, as a cyclist, cringe.

Almost daily I find empty co2 cartridges on the side of road. It is my assumption that these are the remains of someone's flat tire repairs. I guess there are other
explanations but I find most unlikely."


kombatrock said...


calebism said...

Yeah, I don't think there are that many cyclists with CO2 inflaters around here. Manhattan or Eugene, Oregon, maybe, but not here. What you are seeing are spent nitrous oxide (laughing gas) containers, thrown from cars by the same grinning boneheads who chuck beer cans and mini-bags lined with dope detritus from their cars windows. If bike-flat litter was of such proportion to be a problem, a lot of other problems would be solved.

GhostRider said...

Whippet and CO2 cartridges are if you see 'em, put them in the blue bins after picking them up.

SWFBUD said...

Good advice ghost.