Monday, August 25, 2008

Bicycling, Rays and Dunkin Donuts -- The Unusual Triple Play

For regular readers of Bicycle Stories, you might recall a little pledge I made back in June that if the Tampa Bay Rays clinch a playoff berth after a decade of historic losing ways, I would ride 100 miles on the day after the berth-clinching day and hit as many Dunkin Donuts stores as possible along the way. That's because you can get a free donut at any Dunkin Donuts store in the Tampa Bay area the day after the Rays win a game. And with the Rays sporting the best record in the American League these days, that's quite a few Boston cremes, double chocolate and jelly donuts.

So I crafted a bike route that would include 13 Dunkin Donut pit stops along a 100-mile ride that would go from my house in Seminole Heights to the Trop in St. Petersburg.

Dunkin Donuts loved the idea so much that they sent out a press release today detailing the bike ride and it served as ample material for me to write about it for

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