Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Keep Your Ears Open

Am I the only person who doesn't listen to music through ear cords while cycling at Flatwoods county park?

I know the world can be a pretty hostile place and tuning everything out offers a safe refuge, I suppose.

But folks who can't hear anything on the paved loop where other bicyclists are advising them that they're coming up on their left are putting themselves and others in a potentially perilous situation.

Sometimes it's just plain safe to keep the cords out of your ears and be able to hear what's going on at the Flatwoods loop.

I never wear anything that is going into my ears when I bike. I love listening to the whoosh of the air or a hawk or just chatting with folks while cycling. My ears are the eyes behind my head.

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Dave said...

The main reason I never use headphones on my bike is just because, if something's wrong with the bike mechanically, a sound may be the first (and only) clue before something breaks. For instance, completely hypothetically, a broken quick-release that's open on the front wheel and would have caused me to go over the bars. Hypothetically, of course.