Saturday, August 9, 2008

Seminole Heights Is Biketown USA

The Seminole Heights Bicycle Club is a wonderful Biketown success story -- everyday folks biking in regular shorts and T-shirts around the streets of our neighborhood. We did it again this morning, doing the 10-mile "River Ride." We had 17 cyclists -- folks on road bikes and mountain bikes and hybrids -- and we enjoyed the comradery and local roads.


Seth said...

I had a great time as well and can't wait to do it again next weekend. Great getting to talk with you and some of the other riders. You all rock!


GhostRider said...

Man, my work schedule keeps forcing me to miss all these great rides! Oh, well...I suppose I'll catch up with the group eventually.

Seth said...

Maybe we should have a Sunday morning ride for those who still work on Saturdays. I'd ride both days.

We could be missing out on the opportunity to ride with many people just because it doesn't fit into everyone's schedule.

GhostRider said...

I work on a lot of Sundays, too. In fact, I work both Saturday and Sunday on every other a weekday ride might work for me.

Also, I am an a late-night weeknight ride would be PERFECT! That never jibes with anyone else's schedule, though.

Seth said...

I'm reminded of the time (I believe a Thursday) I went on a date after work last year. I biked over to SOHO were we met and later biked home down Himes Ave. I was shocked to see how many people on bikes there were riding around at midnight.

They looked to be (and likely are) some members of Tampa Bike Co-Op. Who knows, I'd say it's worth asking around.