Friday, August 29, 2008

Florida Bicycling Hall of Fame Update

Kurt from the Florida Bicycling Hall of Fame wanted to update folks on the status of the Hall of Fame:

Florida Bicycling Hall of Fame
Nominations have continued to be submitted and the FBHOF has continued to research various potential nominees. Below is a list of current Inductees; however, no voting has taken place.

FBHOF intends to continue taking nominations and storing them in the Pending Research section of the web site or by placing the nomination under one of the below listed categories once deemed a viable nomination. Those respective nominations will remain there indefinitely for annual voting. Individuals that are voted in will be moved to the HOF Inductee section. Nominees not voted in will be maintained, updated or removed as needed.

Under the section of Pending Research the FBHOF is requesting assistance from the cycling public to obtain the needed information to complete the nomination or verify information already publicly posted within the FBHOF.

On a final note, various nominations that are under the respective categories are pending photographs. Thus, the FBHOF request you assist in obtaining a photograph (it is not legal to post a photograph without the persons approval).

Submissions for 2008 voting are required by October 31, 2008.

Current Inductees
John Sinibaldi, Jeanne Goley, Carl Sundquist

Nomination Categories - with a list of current nominations
he categories for nominations are not set in stone and might periodically be adjusted as needed.

Racing Accomplishments:
Nathan Rogut, Ryan Woodall, Harlen Price, Amanda Geving

Junior Male and Female Cyclists of the Year
Martin Cox, Steve Rusnak

Cycling Advocate/Activist
Kent Hickman, Joshua Kuck, Renee Blaney, Kimberly Cooper, Robert Husky

Commercial Success in Cycling
Steve Bent, Harry Woodward

Living La Vida Velo
Chip Haynes

Adventures in Touring
No current nominations

Pending Research - a list of potentials that require more information/research.
Joan Durdahller, Dan Burden ,Herb Hiller, American Classic Corporation, West Eubank, Boston Bill, Mike Ward, Profile Racing, EJ Rogut, Hugh Moran, Willard Gibson, Joe Avalos, Ivan Franco, Ian Jackson, Dave Macook, Keith Norris, Billy Pugsley, Frank Treviso, Andy Weaver, Derrik Wilkerson, Ward Zauner, Mark Yeager, Ian Jackon, Ralph (Rafael) Clemente, Eric Peterson, Andrew, Earl Henry, Scott Crowell, Ryan Trebon, West Eubank, Joan Durdahller, Dan Burden, Herb Hiller, American Classic Corporation, Boston Bill, Mike Ward, Profile Racing.

Disclaimer - sponsors the Florida Bicycling Hall of Fame, which is a Not For Profit program. Any assistance, material, time or resources provided to the FBHOF are voluntarily provided with no obligation from FBHOF. There are no exceptions to this policy unless there is a written compensation agreement in advance of provision of the services.

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