Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Little By Little

I'm the first to blow the whistle about the roads in Tampa and Hillsborough County that are dangerous and unfriendly for bicyclists. The majority of elected officials in the city and county do not stand up for bicyclists who want to pedal the road to places, so the government road builders/public works employees do not feel they have to design and build roads that are hospitable for bicyclists.

But occasionally a new bike lane is striped around the Tampa area and that needs to be acknowledged.

The city of Tampa is not known for striping bike lanes but the city did stripe bike lanes on a section of 40th Street and on the 40th Street bridge.

At the USF campus, a road off of 50th Street leads into the campus and towards the campus sports buildings. The road has been repaved and it includes a bike lane. Good to see.

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mksandoz said...

i havebeen using these lanes a lot recently on my rides to school and to flatwoods. hopefully they are including bike lanes as part of the ongoing construction further north of the bridge on 40th.