Monday, August 3, 2009

Thank God Local Libraries Show Pez Candy Dispenser Collections

I live in Hillsborough County in Florida, a semi-rednecky, monster-truck sorta county that includes Tampa. A few years ago, a county commissioner by the name of Ronda Storms thought it was vital to protect me and the rest of Hillsborough County from "gay pride displays" after someone complained to her about a local library display that showed books with gay themes.

So I was happy to see all library displays in the Tampa Bay area are now extremely morally safe. Like this one I saw today at the Dunedin Library when I made a quick a bike ride to Dunedin.

It's a Pez candy dispenser collection under glass at the library. I wonder what would happen at the Dunedin Library if two Pez candy dispenser characters of the same gender were engaging in intimate activities in the display? Hmmm, makes one ponder.

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