Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alan Snel Bicycle Energy, LLC Is Launched

LAS VEGAS -- For years, I reported about new businesses being launched for newspapers around the country.

Now, I can write about my own new incorporated business -- Alan Snel Bicycle Energy, LLC -- a business designed to provide bicycle advocacy, promotions, political lobbying, news releases and event organizing for bicycle companies, bike retailers and bicycle organizations around the nation.

To launch my business, I'm here at the epicenter of the bicycle industry -- the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas where thousands of exhibitors are prepping their booths as I write this post.

Interbike is the annual bicycle show for everyone in the industry to showcase their wares -- from bicycle companies and manufacturers to every company that makes a part, accessory and piece of clothing associated with bicycling.

I am looking to expand my services that I currently provide for SWFBUD (South West Florida Bicycke United Dewalers) to a national stage. For SWFBUD, my many roles include putting on the Bicycle Bash festival every year, lobbying local governments to enhance bicycle infrastructure and increasing the profile of bicycling in Tampa Bay by getting the local media to report about bicycle issues.

I have done public relations work for Steve Toll, a Tampa resident who has created the ISM seat -- a special bike saddle now used by the likes of Lance Armstrong on his time-trial bike to American women triathletes in the Olympics. Since I do work for Steve, I am at his booth right under the giant 4600 banner in the mammoth Sands Convention Center.

I will be here throughout the week and will also be reporting newsy items from Interbike.

Besides Steve, other Tampa Bay bicycle folks are here -- retailers David Luppino of Just Ride Bicycles in Riverview and Tom Jessup of Chainwheel Drive in Clearwater; Ellen and Bill of American Classic, the Tampa-based wheel makers; and other employees of Just Ride Bicycles and Chainwheel Drive.

And I will be seeing my Seminole Heights bicycle compatriot Jack Sweeney, who is here with his bikecommuters.com pal.

It should be a great week and stay tuned for more coverage.

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Jeff said...

This is outstanding news, Al.

Best wishes for continued success.