Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back At You On Morris Bridge Road In The Mornings

Bicycle Stories greetings to those early-morning car drivers heading south on Morris Bridge Road who meet my hand greetings with a smile, wave or a peace sign.

As I head north on Morris Bridge Road to Flatwoods Park every morning, I see a caravan of commuting cars heading in the opposite direction. Most ignore my peace sign or power fist greeting or wave, but there is a significant number of drivers who give the thumb's up or a cheerful wave as they drive south to I-75 and Fletcher Avenue.

The truth is the majority of drivers I see in the morning look like zombies behind the wheel. I feel sad for them because driving a car has rendered them lifeless. I think they need to ride a bike.

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Plochman said...

Nice to see you finally changed your header picture, that other one was driving me crazy as a graphics guy. This one is better but could still use some work. Let me know if you need some croping help, lol. Keep up the great work you do.