Saturday, September 11, 2010

Checking Out The Bicycle Photo Archive

Yeesh, this afternoon is amazingly hot and muggy here in Tampa and I'm watching the UF Gators come out in the second half and beat on the USF Bulls. I'm also diving into my photo archive and have unearthed some nice bicycle nuggets. Here are just a few.

Chris O'Connell is a bike pal from the Hudson Valley who was taking a break at the famed Red Apple Rest off Route 17 about 30 miles north of New York City.

This is Wayne Hall, a former newspaper reporter in the Hudson Valley and a mentor from my early newspaper days. He's with his Raleigh.

At the Phillies spring training stadium in Clearwater, these fellas showed off their electric bikes.

Bike Stories dad posed next to a Tampa Tribune add showing a bicyclist. Anyone care to guess who the cyclist is?

Last winter was frigid here in Tampa and this guy's outerware was needed to stay warm on a bike.

This is from about eight years ago -- nephews using the car and bike holder to scale the vehicle.

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