Monday, September 27, 2010

Tampa Bay: 5 Killed Bicyclists Since July 29

Bicyclists killed in the Tampa Bay area since July 29. May you all rest in peace.

Date of the bicyclist being hit and name:

July 29: LeRoy Collins, Tampa. Retired Navy admiral.

Sept. 9: Joseph Dyals, Tampa. Elementary school teacher.

Sept. 11: Stephen Allen Ivey, New Port Richey. Died Sept. 13.

Sept. 12: Neil Alan Smith, St. Petersburg. Restaurant dishwasher. Died Sept. 18.

Sept. 25: Ishizuka Kayoko, Tampa. USF biochemistry Ph. D graduate.

How many bicyclists have to be killed before Pam Iorio, county officials, DOT top brass etc. identify bicycle safety as a top priority and start building roads that can safely accommodate both bicyclist and car driver?

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