Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Local Bicycle Updates

The St. Pete Times reports that St. Pete City Council President Leslie Curran is still in a drug-induced coma from hitting her head during a recent bike accident, but is showing signs of improvement.

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Josh Holton tells me that there is Critical Mass Ride this Friday frm 6:30-8:30 PM. Here's Josh's email:

"Get on your bikes and ride! This day we take over the road via human powered two wheeled speed machines. Bicycles are legal vehicles, and have the right to bike on any road where cars are also allowed to drive. Cars will yield to a critical mass of riders who will seize Tampa pavement for one purpose: bicycling.

"All riders should wear protective safety gear, and be prepared to have fun, as the group will own the road for one afternoon. Promote bike culture, get some exercise, bring some friends, and save some gas, since all you'll need is a bike, two legs, and a need for speed. Although you can travel at any pace you like; Critical Mass is about the group traveling together as a unit, and none will be left behind. Let's bike Tampa!"

Josh says meet at the Water tower park (Bird St. and Florida Ave) and ride will go to Kennedy Blvd and stop at Cafe Hey @ Franklin, then head to Ybor for after parties if you wanna stay!

You might recall members of the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club were involved in Critical Mass rides on the last Fridays of the month from around Augist to November of last year.

Here's some of the Critical Mass action from last year.

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And finally, some unpleasant news about FOT funding for trails.

This is a letter to Sue Miller of the Pinellas County Planning Department -- she's a staff member who oversees the Pinellas County Bicycle Advisory Committee,.

"I was stunned to find out that the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has yet again targeted walkers, bicyclists and trail users. Please join me in telling our state leaders that enough is enough:

Stop marginalizing Florida’s cyclists and pedestrians!

In response to a federal order for states to trim their transportation budgets, FDOT has disproportionately cut $24.7 million in coveted Transportation Enhancements (TE) funds, along with $3 million from the Recreational Trails Program. TE is our nation’s largest source of funding for trails, walking and bicycling. These funds are highly prized and very limited.

This decision leaves behind a long list of unfunded, production-ready trail projects—including a portion of the SR 207 Rail Trail in St. Augustine, and the regionally significant Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail projects linking Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.

In Florida, TE represents less than three percent of our total transportation dollars, yet accounts for nearly 22 percent of these recent reductions! Far from an isolated incident, these recent cutbacks follow a pattern in which walking and bicycling are marginalized and under-prioritized in our state.

Please take a moment to write to Governor Crist as well as the gubernatorial candidates Alex Sink and Rick Scott. We must stop the attacks to our very limited funds.

Please join me and speak up now.


Ken Bryan
Florida Director
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy"


Enhancement Smoker said...

Critical Mass? At the beginning of the month? Odd time to put this on the road...and does Tampa even celebrate CM anymore?

Anonymous said...

Defaulting to the sprawlnorm... cars, cars, cars; I don't suspect either candidate will do anything to challenge the cuts.