Sunday, May 25, 2008

1DayOcean2Gulf4BillFox Bike Ride

One week from today I will be cycling on State Road 60 crossing the state of Florida on a coast-to-coast one-day solo bicycle ride in memory of Bill Fox, a long-distance bicyclist who died in a bike accident in the Fishkill, NY area six years ago next Sunday.

You will be able to track this ride next Sunday, which I estimate in the 170-175 mile range, on this blog thanks to Steve Swiger. Steve will be providing SAG services, including a laptop computer which will be hooked into his cell phone to provide blogging and photos during the actual ride.

I plan to stick my front wheel into the Atlantic Ocean at 4:30AM in Vero Beach, turn west and start pedaling for Clearwater Beach, which I hope to reach around 8 PM.

Stay tuned for more details this week.

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