Friday, May 2, 2008

A-Hole Of The Week

Occasionally at Flatwoods county park, a contractor in a vehicle will enter the bicycle loop that's strictly off-limits to vehicles. They usually drive off the pavement on the dirt along the loop as to not threaten the safety of bicyclists.

But this morning, I saw a real A-hole who insisted on driving down the middle of the loop pavement and was genuinely ticked off at bicyclists who were riding on the loop.

Here, the driver doesn't even get off the pavement like the rangers who usually drive along the loop.

At the ranger parking lot, I caught up with the driver -- who was a contractor doing a paving job at the park -- and I informed him that vehicles are not supposed to drive down the center of the loop road and that he should drive on the side of the pavement on the grass or dirt so that he doesn't run over any cyclists.

The pissed-off driver tells me to -- and this his exact words -- to "mind my own business."

I told him it's my business that drivers not run me or any other bicyclist off the loop road when, in fact, vehicles are not supposed to be on there in the first place.

I told a ranger about this A-hole, and the ranger assured me that he'd have a little chat with the contractor.

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