Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Bicyclist's Night At The Movies

Tonight the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club held the inaugural Bike-in Movie Theater in my back yard and 30 cyclists showed up on a Saturday night to share a potluck dinner and a wonderful movie, the 1979 classic Breaking Away.

It's amazing -- just four months ago we were organizing this bike club on my front porch and now we're having regular Saturday morning rides and drawing crowds to events like the Bike-in Movie Theater.

Tonight, SHBC member Steve Swiger was the technical genius behind using a projector provided by Ken Sturrock and Mike and Yvon Limerick set up the screen and brought a ton of items to make the night a success.

David from WMNF came and interviewed Mike about tonight's Bike-in Movie Theater.

Steve was a master whiz on the tech angle of putting the movie on, while Yvon did a terrific job preparing "goodie bags" of snacks and popcorn for everyone. They, along with Mike, made it all happen.

The movie was well received.

Jack Sweeney showed up with the best T-shirt of the night -- the official "Cutters' garb worn by the Bloomington Four who won the Little 500 Bicycle Race at the University of Indiana.

Jack, the famed bike-commuting Ghost Rider, came with his pot luck dinner contribution firmly secure and nestled in his trailer. Check out the straps holding the pot of chili in place.

Jennifer and Lisa flank Tanja and Tanja's traveling pal, Chiquita. But I'd give Chiquita a little doggie helmet.

Earlier in the day, Mike Limerick led an abreviated version of our 22-mile "Long" ride, as we had to turn around after about six miles because of a bad rainstorm and more rain clouds coming our way.

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geula said...

The bike Club has motivated me to start one in my community! The pictures were a pleasure! Stay safe everyone!