Sunday, May 4, 2008

Biking The CC Causeway To Clearwater

It must have been at least six months or more since I last biked from my house to Clearwater via the Courtney Campbell Causeway, which has the nicest front roads for a bicyclist to feel and see the water of the Bay. From the Tampa side, it's been very difficult for a bicyclist to reach the causeway and it always baffled me why local bicyclists around here never squaked much about not getting safe access to what I believe is a wonderful resource and a strip of pavement that offers cyclists beautiful views of the Bay.

This morning, I biked from Hillsborough Avenue to George Street and made a left and went a mile or two to Indendence, where I picked up a ramp and followed it to State Road 60 and the causeway. It was a quiet Sunday morning, so there was no problem crossing a few highway-like lanes to reach a ramp that swung me onto SR 60 and eventually the causeway.

Here's the views on the road as I followed the new ramp to State Road 60, and the causeway. It was part of a 60-mile ride today that took me to Clearwater, then St. Petersburg, them home to Seminole Heights via the Gandy Bridge to Tampa.

What do I see here -- the makings of a bike lane on State Road 60 at Rocky Point. Incredible. Hope there's more of this bike lane.

Check out these views. Look how close you are the water on the Bay when you bike along the frontage road along the Clearwater causeway. I didn't see a single bicyclist out there, and I saw only three or four pedestrians enjoying this amazine resource.

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