Friday, May 16, 2008

Today's Bike Commute

This morning I biked in to Tampa with bicycle commuter Rob Keith, vice president of corporate sponsorships at the Tampa Bay Lightning. Rob used to bike commute when he lived in Portland. These days he lives in the Carrollwood area just west of the Babe Zaharias Golf Course and doesn't bike into downtown Tampa, sticking mostly to biking around the sprawling golf course just west of North Boulevard.

I biked some six miles to Rob's house, then biked in the 10 miles it takes to reach the Forum, and Rob's office. There was some dicey stretches along Sligh Avenue and North Blvd. and I wanted to help guide Rob safely into downtown Tampa.

We followed the Tampa Street bike lane right into downtown Tampa.

Rob and his chariot in his office. He keeps the bike inside his office. All employers should allow their workers to keep their bikes next to their desks.

While I was the Forum, I popped in on Ron Campbell, the Lightning president who biked to work from his south Tampa house on Wednesday.

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