Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bicycle Adventure Web Event

Interesting event sent to me by Jack Sweeney, the Ghost Rider

“Riding Your Bicycle Opens Up A World Of Adventure At Home And Abroad"

That’s what Darren Alff, a professional bicycle traveler, is saying. Alff has traveled by bike for the past eight years and in that time has traversed through 29 states and 7 dif-ferent countries. When it comes to bicycle travel, he’s earned an enviable position as the “Bicycle Touring Pro” and now teaches people from around the world how to travel by bike and create lifestyles that allow them to work and travel at the same time.

In fact, Alff is so enthused about bicycle travel that he’s hosting a huge web event this month, featuring some of the biggest names in the bicycle and travel industries.

Event participants include:
- Author Joe Kurmaskie (The Metal Cowboy)
- Bike Friday
- Canadian Best Selling Author, Ted Schredd
- CycleAware
- Entrepreneur, Yaro Starak
- Momentum Magazine
- The Adventure Cycling Association
- Writer and World traveler, Chris Guillebeau

With more and more people riding bicycles and using them to get to work, school, and everywhere in between, the Bicycle Touring Pro is pleased to announce the first ever, Bicycle Lifestyle Web Event.

The event, currently titled, “Bicycle Travel As A Modern Lifestyle Choice,” will take place on the weekend of November 22nd and 23rd and will feature a jam-packed schedule of articles, interviews, videos, and live Q&A sessions having to do with bicycle travel, com-muting, and lifestyle design. The event is aimed at anyone interested in using a bicycle to change the way they live, work and travel.

The goal of the event is to introduce more people to bicycle travel (whether it be short trips around their home… or long distance tours across the country). The informa-tion will be totally free and open to anyone… anywhere! All that’s needed to participate is an Internet connection.

Cycling products donated by The Adventure Cycling Association,, CycleAware, and Yakkak will be also be raffled off to event participants.
For more information on Darren Alff’s “Bicycle Lifestyle” web event, please visit:

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If you’d like more information on this topic, or you’d to schedule an interview with bicycle touring expert, Darren Alff, please call (805) 300-5061 or send an email to

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Darren Alff - Bicycle Touring Pro said...

Thanks for mentioning my upcoming event! We're getting a ton of interest thus far. Thanks again! Hope to see you there.