Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making The Gandy Safer For Bicyclists

With more bicyclists having to ride the Gandy Bridge because of the shutdown of the Friendship Trail, I hope the county that oversees the bridge will put "Watch for Bicyclists" and other warning signs on the Gandy Bridge.

Bill Addler, owner of Revolution Bicycles and a member of the St. Pete mayor's bicycle and pedestrian advisory committee, contacted Cheryl Stacks in the city of St. Pete. Cheryl is the city of St. Pete's bicycle and pedestrian coordinator. Here is the response from Cheryl to BIll:

"About the Friendship Trail Bridge , since it's a County facility, they've taken the lead on getting the detailed report about its condition and how it will take to repair it. According to my counterpart at the County, she said that they should know more in early/mid-December. Until then, the shoulders of the Gandy Bridge have been put on a bi-weekly sweeping schedule. It'll be swept once every two weeks starting this Sunday. I'll pass on your request about additional signage. Maybe they'd be able to put out variable message boards (so long as they don't block the shoulder) indicating Friendship Trail Bridge Closed, Watch for Cyclists and Pedestrians."

Please add your comments about what you think should be done while the Friendship Trail is closed to make the Gandy Bridge safer for bicyclists. More shoulder sweeping and signs advising motorists to be on the look out for bicyclists would be an important first step.

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