Sunday, November 23, 2008

Playing It Nice On The Roads

On Saturday when I did my bread-and-butter 46-mile ride to Flatwoods and back, I deployed a technique to win over drivers and show that bicycles and cars can share the same narrow roads around the Tampa area.

I took proactive action and waved at drivers, even flashing the peace sign and the power fist. When I heard cars coming up behind me, I rode my straight line in the traffic lane, waved the cars past me and waved and smiled when they drove by me. Just about every time the driver smiled back and waved.

I especially did this technique inside the city of Tampa's environs when I biked from Seminole Heights along Rowlett Park Drive while heading out to the Busch Gardens/USF area.

I even stopped for this guy who was collecting golf balls along Rowlett Park Drive next to a city golf course where sliced shots land on a patch of grass along the road. His name is Dave Park and he's a roofer and he thought it was a hoot tht some crazy bicyclist wanted to take his photo.

It just goes to show that being an ambassadorial cicylist is one technique to survive the roads around here. I'll do whatever it takes to return to my starting point without a scratch.

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