Friday, November 14, 2008

Ellen Visits Nevada for Bike Ride

My bicycling pal Ellen of the Police Unity Tour hit the road in Nevada for a terrific ride and brought back memories of wind and Cheetah's men club employees helping cyclists. You'll see what I mean.

"Well, this ride kicked my butt. The altitude and long steep hills made it very challenging. It was real cool to start on the Las Vegas Speedway. You could ride up on the slanted part of the track. It was weird. Played on your senses.

"You have to ride on the emergency lane of Highway 15 because there are not that many roads in this part of the country. It was interesting, eight feet of pavement, rumble strips towards the car lanes, drop into gulley on the safe side.
You rode about 30 miles to Valley of Fire State Park, Real pretty secenery and some screaming donwhills.

"Area businesses volunteered at the SAGS. Stop number 8 was sponsored by Cheetah's mens club. If you zoom in on one of the photos you can see their outfits -- or lack there of. Some of the male cyclists were there for several hours.

"After about 85 miles of hills and flat lands, sceaming downhill into Mesquite, NV. Only negative was the climb back up the screamer on Sunday.

"The only disappointment was they cancelled the ride after about 20 miles on Sunday due to bad weather. I barely noticed the 35 mph cross winds. I am a Sub Trop Storm Andrea Alumni.

"The other PUT jersey is on Christal Burgess. Nurse. Sister of USSS officer. Christal may make a suprise appearance on the Long PUT. Nice lady, Great cyclist."

Ellen on the roads of Nevada.

The SAG garb didn't seem to be sagging.

Good view of the cycling scenery.

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