Sunday, November 23, 2008

Drivers Cry About Bicycle Lanes In New York City

Back in 2000 and 2001 I used to bike-commute from New Jersey into Manhattan. I was never hit by a car, per se, just doored twice -- occasions where I hit the ground off the bike and bruised a collarbone. But no broken bones. Biking in New York was not for wusses. My senses were on full-alert every moment and I was prepared to take evasive action in a heartbeat. But it was also amazingly efficient and saved me a ton of money. Biking in Manhattan was FASTER than cars and mass transit and there was NO parking costs. Beautiful. And I still treasure the lovely visual images while biking across the George Washington Bridge.

Now New York City is installing more bike lanes and drivers who are crying and whining. Give me a break. Here's some of the coverage courtesy of my friend Claudia, who was in New York City recently and said the bike lanes have caused a stir.

The New York Post weighed in with this story.

FOX ran this news report.

A Manhattan downtown newspaper ran this story.

Here's an AP story about a report that many cyclists in New York City don't obey traffic and helmet laws. There's a blockbuster.

The right-wing New York Post has a nasty columnist who blasts the bike lane plan in New York City.

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