Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Hiking Stories Today

Bicycling is as natural as walking for me so the time away from Tampa in the Baltimore area has been spent hiking and hoofing the woods along the Patapsco River. I forgot how much I enjoyed traipsing through leaves and trees and along trails in the late fall when the trees are nearly leaf-less and their stark vertical grayness dominates a stroll.

So I bring you a few of the sights from this morning's jaunt in the Ellicott City area.


Adam said...

Alan, I didn't know you were up there! I went to the University of Maryland and I've been all over the state. Some friends of mine lived in a big red house right at the bottom of the hill on the main drag through Ellicot City. Talk about a steep climb! What a cool place. I miss the mid-atlantic.

SWFBUD said...

I have biked around here in the past and the roller-coaster hills are a nice challenge -- especially for a flatlander from Florida.