Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ghost Rider Lights Up The Night

Just when you thought Tampa's velo-man Jack "Ghost Rider" Sweeney pushed the envelope with another cool bicycle or feature he takes cycling around Seminole Heights and T-town to a new level.

Jack showed up at a Seminole Heights Bicycle Club meeting last Thursday night in light-up-the-night style, his rig showing up illuminated like a country carnival/Vegas strip.

I really needed a video for you to appreciate the light job. Here's just a snip of the luminary action.

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GhostRider said...

Good to see that the reflective strips on my jacket do a good job...I'd never seen them "lit up" before!

The rundown: one 6' length of multicolored LED Christmas lights, 1 Serfas 3-LED headlight, 2 Planet Bike "Superflash" blinkies on the back, 2 Monkeylectric M133 front wheel lights and about 200 sq. in. of DOT "conspicuity tape" and DOT truck reflectors. Looks like I missed a few spots with the tape...I'm going to have to fill in some areas!