Monday, February 2, 2009

Bad News For Connector Trail

Looks like the Hillsborough County Commission is going to kill the trail that would connect the Upper Tampa Bay Trail with the Suncoast Trail:

"PLEASE be aware that on the agenda for the BOCC meeting THIS WEDNESDAY 2/4/09 is a request to remove previous BOCC action aligning Phase IV of the Upper Tampa Bay Trail on the (final?) piece of property needed north of Petersen Road to make the eventual connection to the Suncoast Trail.

"As you can see on the agenda write up attached, the property owner "now desires to subdivide the property without inclusion of the trail corridor..." I can only assume there is some Board and/or Administration support for this devastating suggestion.

"I apologize for not notifying advocates of the trail sooner but this issue was just brought to my attention. It looks to be on the agenda immediately after Consent Items which I'm not sure require discussion. I've attached the entire agenda.

Gena Torres
Senior Planner
Hillsborough County MPO
(813) 273-3774 x357


GhostRider said...

Now would be a great time to break out the big hammer known as "eminent domain", wouldn't it?!?

I'm tired of developers who won't allow for such trails through their properties. Don't they realize that access to a multi-user trail actually INCREASES property values?

Dave said...

This is on the discussion agenda, not the consent agenda (consent means it will be almost certainly approved without discussion), so if you can get there for this meeting, do it! This is where I wish I could draw the line and be there, but I can't miss work for it. Please put in a good word for all of us if you can.

Thanks Alan!

(Agenda for the meeting is here - )

Dave said...

The property in question -