Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How The Mighty Have Fallen

We intterupt regular bicycling programming for a sober snapshot or two or three of life inside the arena where the Tampa Bay Lightning play. As you can see, not too many people showed up last night to watch the Lightning host the Atlanta Thrashers. Seems only yesterday when people were posing next to the Cup, as it made the rounds around the Tampa Bay region.

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JPFDeuce said...

How the mighty have fallen, indeed. It basically was just yesterday a ticket representative contacted a friend of mine and tried to sell him on the fact the Lightning roster for 2008-09 could be "one of the greatest hockey teams of all time"

In the end, spending alone does not equate wins. Nor does shuffling the roster so much that no one knows who plays for the team any more. Nor does investing in over-the-hill players (Gary Roberts, Olaf Kolzig) help things out when the nucleus and leadership of the team is in flux.

Oh, and rumors of Vincent Lecavalier's trade showed non-committment to the fans that are left.