Friday, February 13, 2009

Sad Tales of Stolen Bicycles

I have had three bicycles stolen in my lifetime and I'm sure most of you have a sad tale to tell, too, about a bike being stolen.

But it's hard to top this one where a USF prof making six figures stole a red bike probably worth a couple hundred dollars.

And if you want to read about bikes getting stolen, here's a Web site you might enjoy.

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Denis A. Baldwin said...

The last bike I owned (some 10 years ago) was stolen out of the back of my pickup truck. I used to drive to the trails 20 miles from my house and ride there. It laid flat in the bed and I had a tonneau cover over it, but someone managed to break the lock and take it anyway.

It's so craptastic that people would take something like that. It wasn't even a nice bike.. maybe $200 at most.