Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Cloudy Century -- Felt Like Early June Up North

It was century day on this overcast Sunday, so I did my usual 100-miler to Zephyrhills/Dade City/San Antonio from good ol' Seminole Heights.

Little did I know that I would bump into:

-- The Dade City Crit, where I met friendly Tall Ed Collins, a fellow Seminole Heights Veloman.

-- And the Specialized demo at Flatwoods, where I met Manny and Carlos Mirabal, owners of SWFBUD store University Bicycle Center.

In Dade City, I caught the final few laps of an intense crit. Here they are with about three laps to go. It was about a minute per lap.

And now they're coming down the stretch.

After the heavy-duty pro-style race, it was time for the kids.

This is hilarious. The kids race actually included this girl on a unicycle.

Earlier in the day when I biked through Flatwoods and back, I stopped at the Specialized demo and saw Manny and Carlos Mirabal, owners of University Bicycle Center.

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