Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finding A Place To Stay On Long Overnight Bicycle Trips

As a guy who cycled solo twice across the country, I know the value of finding accommodations at the end of the 100-mile day. Especially when the bike is carrying 40 pounds of cargo and a sleeping bag. Here's an interesting program, which sounds very familiar to the concept that has profiled in newspapers.

Bed and Bike America Launched
Prescott, AZ

New Program Helps Cycle Tourists Find the Right Accommodations

One Street, an international bicycle advocacy organization, has just launched Bed and Bike America, a new program bringing more sustainability into the tourism sector by creating an international network that helps bike tourists find welcoming places to stay. Accommodation vendors that meet the program's requirements can sign up at . The program appeals to all kinds of accommodation vendors, primarily in the US, Canada and Mexico, whether they are hotels, hostels or campsites - fancy or budget.

"We want to make cycling tourism in America more attractive - and therefore launching this website is a first step - but definitely not our last," says Leonhard Sobottka, Project Coordinator for One Street's Bed and Bike America program.

A wide range of bike tourists will use the network - visiting a single place, touring long distance or riding as athletes. Vendors attract them via the Bed and Bike America website by fulfilling basic criteria to be bike-friendly. This means for instance that they can provide lockable rooms for the bikes, laundry facilities and a nutritious breakfast. Most accommodations already do which is why One Street expects many to sign up.

As people become more physically active and accommodation vendors realize that cycle tourists want high quality accommodations, bike tourism is growing all over the world. In Europe, Bed and Bike programs have been succeeding for more than a decade and in some places bicyclists are sought after as guests. Sustainable tourism, including cycle tourism, is conserving our planet's resources. By recognizing the economic potential of cyclists, the vendors as well as the tourist regions and communities are boosting the spirit of sustainability and attracting customers who value sustainability.

Some vendors have already developed their own unique Bed and Bike America programs. For instance, the two Marriott Hotels in Prescott, Arizona will receive their cycle guests with special cyclist welcome baskets. One Street encourages each of its Bed and Bike America vendors to create their own enhancements, even above the requirements.

One Street serves organization leaders around the world because in order to increase bicycling worldwide, all organizations working to increase bicycling must operate at the highest level. Our programs include on-call support, web resources and workshops for these leaders as well as proactive, replicable programs such as Bed and Bike America. Find out more at:

For more information, please contact Leonhard Sobottka, Project Coordinator ᄋ ᄋ +1-928-541-9357

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The Hungry Cyclist said...

Great article and how reassuring that the powers that be are actively promoting cycle tourism, places to stay and the benefits of sustainable transport. As an Englishman who has cycled across America East to West and North to South, and been on the receiving end of unlimited American kindness I have no doubt the program will be a success.