Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brother, Can You Spare a Grand Slam Breakfast?

With the Super Bowl in town, we didn't have the regular daily coverage of the statistical and anecdotal collapse of various sectors of our economy. But when I bike around town, I see little snapshots of people looking to make a buck or save a buck.

In a parking lot in 727 land, I saw this car with a message on the back window.

Today, Denny's had their free Grand Slam breakfast. And with the times being as they are, well, let's just say the deal drew big crowds at local Denny'ses. Like this one on Fowler Avenue.

A couple of weeks ago over lunch with pals Jeff and Rommie, we talked about how goofy it looks when new businesses take over old retail sites that have nothing to do with the new business.

Today I saw a perfect one that's right on the mark about the tough economy: thrift shop at Texaco.

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