Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Public Art in Tampa Bay Region

When I was biking to a Tampa Alcohol Coalition meeting today, I biked by some businesses with some creative artwork.

The Cave's Inn had some artwork that caught my attention. The portrait of man and fire is just so compelling.

As cavemen advanced, they quickly mastered darts and billiards.

As man evolved into Bam! chefs, man became more sophisticated in taming fire to cook animals BBQ-style. Here's a good example in Brandon.

After eating the ribs, it looks like you can use the bones to play the xylophone.

After arriving at O'Briens where the Tampa Alcohol Coalition was meeting, friendly Sheriff Gee gave an award to O'Briens for watching out for drunken customers. And there's our own Rick Hickman of the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club on the spot for some photo action for the sheriff's office. Rick did a terrific job on the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club Web site.

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