Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Amazing Harrisons On A Bicycle Built For 5

So, I finishing a 46-mile ride from Clearwater along Hillsborough Avenue just east of the Dale Mabry Highway when I see a long yellow bicycle heading west on Hillsborough on the opposite side of the road.

I'm trying to count the cyclists on this one bike -- I see a man at the front, then two little kids on seats, then a mom = and finally, a fifth seat, occupied by the third daughter.

That's right folks -- a quint bicycle!

This bicycle built for five was being driven by Bill and Amarins -- and their three daughters, Cheyenne, 7; Jasmine, 4; Robin, 3.

Oh, their trip? How about pedaling 7,000 miles from southeast Kentucky to Alaska.

They've been on the road for two months now and their motto is simple: "Ordinary people on extraordinary journey of giving and receiving." Dad Bill says they're blue-collar workers who are nomadic by heart, want to live simply and hit the road on a shoe-string budget to teach their daughters that there's good all around the U.S.

As a long-distance cyclist who has crossed the U.S. twice on solo bike journeys, I can see the wonder in their eyes and the power of their spirits when I chatted with them around 12 noon on Hillsborough.

Their goals:

See the diversity

Hear the stories

Smell the flavors

Taste the foods

Touch the textures

Channel 10 caught up with the Harrisons.

The Harrisons will be in Tarpon Springs for four days and will have a broken spoke fixed.

Bill hands me a deck of business cards to hand out at the Bicycle Bash by the Bay festival on Oct. 11 in St. Pete.

Robin is tuckered out. Good thing there's a head support for her.

Check out those pedal arms! They're being tested on this 7,000-mile journey. The company that makes these pedals and pedal arms is from Fort Pierce, across the state.

Bicycle Stories wishes you safe travels, Pedouins

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Channel 10 news website has video of this family