Monday, September 7, 2009

Visiting The Suncoast Trail To The End

In the universe of cycling options, the bike trail along the highway is a good option. The Suncoast Trail is a solid paved trail, running for 41 miles along the Suncoast Highway. It's a great place to hammer away from the road, especially north of the first 10 or 12 miles or so where it gets more desolate.

I like the Suncoast, though it's not my favorite trail. The Withlacoochee Trail is my favorite because it goes through live towns and has shade through the woods.

The unit of measure of my rides is 100 miles, but I never took the Suncoast Trail to its northern terminus until today. The Suncoast Trail gets repetitous for me and the last thing I want bicycling to become is a chore.

But today I had the bug to bike from my house to the end of the Suncoast, so off I went. At 41 miles long, the Suncoast is the second longest paved trail in Florida behind the Withlacoochee.

Here's good ol' Reggie, 73-years young today, who I found cycling at the northern end. He's biking up the bridge across State Road 50, about 10 miles shy of the end of the trail.

I believe it's the sole overpass bridge on the Suncoast Trail.

There's Mile 41 -- the last one. It ends at a parking lot trailhead off US 98 at the end of the Suncoast Highway.

Happy 73rd birthday Reggie. Enjoy your day in Crystal River

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