Sunday, September 13, 2009


All the miles of cycling on the road and I crash on a trail without anyone in sight. Bruised all over my right side and ribs ache with cuts here and there. But I'll be OK.

It happened this morning. It was in Flatwoods county park and I was cycling on the wooden ramp that leads to the metal bridge on the trail about 1.2 miles from the Bruce B. Downs Blvd. parking lot.

The wooden ramp was dry for the first 40 feet or so. But leafy cover left the last few feet of the wooden surface slick and I wiped out as a I turned the front wheel ever so slightly to continue onto the metal bridge. Never saw the slickness or the fact the wooden surface went from dry to wet. It cost me.

Wham. I was on my right side in a heartbeat. Traction to no traction took less than a blink of an eye. I fell on the wood and the surface was more forgiving then pavement. So, it could have been worse.

I walked down the wooden ramp on the other side of the metal bridge on the trail and assessed my condition. Ribs aching below my right armpit. Cuts on my right knee, elbow, shoulder and finger tips. Left ankle aching from being twisted while still engaged in the pedal clip. Head was fine. Thank you helmet.

As for the bicycle, the front wheel rim was dented and a hole was blown through the sidewall of the Bontrager tire.

I changed the tube, slowly wheeled the bike to the parking lot. Bridget picked me up.

What did I learn?

-- Be more careful on non-paved surfaces
-- When there's rain and then sunshine, a surface can still be slick if it's under leaves.

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Steve S said...

Heal up quick Alan...most of us have been through a few 'oops" moments...lessons learned indeed!