Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Feel Your Pain

I was cruising Craig's List tonight for bicycles in Tampa and came across this literary beauty. Read on.

Dude I feel for you. Same thing happened to me 3 weeks ago AND it was my FIRST ride!! Had a sweet electric bike that was swiped out from under me in about 15 secs...

It's all about KARMA and they will eventually get what they deserve.....

Its tough enough trying to make an honest dollar and buy what you need to survive in this lousy economy, but then you dare victimize me, your such a COWARD, to steal my bike while I decided to stay on campus and take care of my responsibilities, so when I walk out of the class I find you cut the lock off of my Bike and stole it. I hope you get what you deserve. I only wish I had left the class in time to catch you doing the dirty deed! Do you feel more like a man you coward? If I were a low life like you waiting like you did for an opportunity to pry on an innocent person who doesn't think of getting something for nothing from anyone, but no I am a better human being than you will ever be. You may celebrate having stole my Bike without consequences today, But Watch out you cockroach, one day you'll get caught in the act and I hope to be on the Jury that put your sad ass where it belongs..In Jail!
So any one who is looking to buy a Silver"Verticle " mountain Bike with silver duck tape on the pedals and a nice cushion seat, BEWARE! thats my Bike stolen today, on the eve of my Birthday, Sept 7,2009 (Monday) from in front of the Fine Arts Building, /FAH between the hours of 1-2p.m. THANKS for shitting on my Birthday, Hope I get the chance of repaying you one day with the same kindness, you ass wipe!
Have a Blessed day, where ever that rock is you crawl under when your not victiming innocent hard working people!

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