Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boca Raton to Palm Beach -- And Back

This morning I biked some 54 miles from Boca Raton to Palm Beach and West Palm Beach and back under cloudy skies. I've biked all around Florida and I'm here to say that Boca Raton is the friendliest city for bicyclists in the state. There are bike lanes all around the sprawling city in south Palm Beach County, and there are literally hundreds of cyclists zipping up and down A1A between Miami and Palm Beach.

I noticed the epicenter for A1A cycling was Boca Raton, which has bike lanes along A1A AND a paved path along the side of the road for joggers, walkers and roller-bladers.

There's a lot of wealth along A1A. Here's a cyclist zipping along A1A in the town of Highland Beach, which is just north of Boca Raton.

They take their landscape trimming very seriously in Palm Beach.

The famous royal Palms of Palm Beach.

They sure build those hedges high in Palm Beach.

OK, maybe the lawns in Palm Beach are a bit nicer -- and smoother -- than mine. You can play billiards on this front lawn on A1A in Palm Beach.

Terrific bridgework on the drawbridge spanning the Intracoastal at Boynton Beach.

In Delray Beach, they love Bush.

The famous barefoot mailman of Hypoluxo.

History is so easy, isn't it? Rec center on US 1 in Lantana.

While biking back from Palm Beach to Boca, I pedaled into an accident scene. It looks like a car leaving a parking lot struck a cyclist who was biking past the lot.

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