Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm Glad When You're Glad

I had the distinct honor of accompanying Bicycle Stories Mom to a concert first for me -- seeing Barry Manilow at the Florida Panthers hockey arena in Sunrise about 10 miles west of Fort Lauderdale on Saturday night.

Mom adored the show. Must be the fact that Barry is a nice Jewish biy from Brooklyn.

But after seeing Barry in action and not seeing too many heterosexual males younger than 50 in the audience, the momster had to admit: "I guess he's gay."

Outside of the arena that's named after a bank, the Barry fans sat and waited to get in. That's Tom Cruise's flyer saucer coming in for a landing for the concert. Only kidding folks. That's the Bank Atlantic Arena's idea of a South Florida decorations on its plaza outside the arena.

Inside the arena, we sat behind three drunk 40-something women. I know, 15,000 people in the joint the only three women who show up wasted end up sitting right in front of us. Here's the drunkest one of the bunch.

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