Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No Way I'm Biking In This Bike Lane

Literally around the corner from the local DOT office on Fowler Avenue near the USF campus, Fowler's bike lane surface has been stripped and this "turtleback" bumpy layer is all that's left. Someone from the DOT told me last week that a fresh, smooth surface of asphalt will be applied, but they don't know when. Today while biking home from Flatwoods on the north side of Fowler, I saw a bike lane symbol painted on this turtleback surface. But here's why I don't and won't bike on this surface -- take a look. Would you want to be biking on this surface? Instead, I bike inside the traffic lane and won't go in the "bike lane" as long as it's in this very rough and bumpy condition.

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