Monday, February 4, 2008

Seminole Heights Bicycle Club Is Born

I'm happy to report the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club was officially conceived tonight and we have a steering committee to map out routes for three different types of monthly bike rides -- short rides of less than 5 miles for kids and families; longer rides of 5-10 miles on local SG streets; and the longest rides of 15-30 miles that will begin and end in SH. Each rides will be on a different Saturday morning so that people can do multiple rides if they'd like.

Mike Limerick and I hosted 25 bicyclists on the front porch of my good ol' bungalow and we talked biking for a solid hour. I'd like to introduce the luminary members of the SH Bicycle Club core committee, which will focus on getting things up and biking: Ken and Amy Sturrock; Steve Swiger; Jack Sweeney; Ann Hipson; Richard Straw; and Rick and Lisa Hickman. I also want to thank the presidents of two of the three local civic associations in SH for attending: Susan Long of Old Seminole Heights and Gary Ellsworth of South Seminole Heights. In addition, Raquel Coryer, vice president of the Business Guild of Seminole Heights (BGoSH), attended as well.

Rick and Lisa Hickman have already sketched out a preliminary Seminole Heights Bicycle Club logo, which will feature a bicyclist and a big ol' oak tree among its elements. Rick has also volunteered to put together a simple Web site to announce upcoming bike rides.

Speaking of upcoming bike rides, the inaugural Seminole Heights Bicycle Club ride will be Saturday, February 16 with special guest bicyclist Mayor Pam Iorio. It will be a slow neighborhood ride of about eight miles. We will meet at 1203 East Powhatan Avenue for the ride.

Everyone in the SH Bicycle Club agreed we will all wear helmets during club rides and will comply with all traffic rules such as riding on the right side of the road. Bicycles are legal vehicles under the law and we must obey traffic rules.

Here's Matt Swenson, who said he could help on the music front for any SH Bicycle Club events. We had about five cyclists who showed up via bicycle at tonight's organizing meeting.

Some post-meeting chatter on the porch -- a common scene in Bungalow City.

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