Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Upcoming Bike Ride along the Pinellas Trail

The Florida Highway Patrol has a ride scheduled for Sunday, March 9. Here's the info:

Meet at Taylor Park parking lot at 1100 8th Avenue Southwest, Largo, which connects to the Pinellas Trail (The Pinellas Trail runs parallel to the parking lot).

You can enter the Taylor Park parking lot on 8th Avenue Southwest and park next to the Pinellas Trail in the Taylor Park parking lot.

The bicycle ride will start at approximately at 9:30 A.M.

The ride will start at Taylor Park parking lot and we will ride to Tarpon Springs, approximately 18.5 miles, for a 37-mile round trip.

We will eat in Tarpon Springs and then ride back. Families are invited but children will have to keep up with the pace of the group. The pace will be 13 to 16 miles per hour. There are bicycle shops in the area, but you may want to bring a spare tube in case of a flat.

Bring water or sports drinks for hydration while riding and energy bars if needed, also bring money for lunch. (Maps/directions to the Pinellas Trail will be provided.)

Your contact - Kurt Arbogast (941)807-4456 or

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Gardener Greg said...

I found your blog quite by accident. I loved your post about the Loop near Ormond Beach. I agree that is a scenic ride like no other. I grew up there and would ride my bike around the loop to go fishing. There was always talk about further developing that area and I am glad it has held out this long.

I still visit Ormond when I can. Thanks for such a nice post.