Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Trek To The State Fair

This afternoon, Bicycle Stories journeyed a mere seven miles to attend the Florida State Fair. There were a ton of sausage and onion booths and culinary fare of that sort; lots of rides and Midway-style games of chance and buildings housing commercial hawkers, animals and ribbon-winning work. Like a county fair, but just a very very very big version of one.

I wandered into a history-theme rural Florida village at the Fair called "Cracker Country" and visited the local "newspaper" office where I met this printer fella. He was yukking it up with some visitors by saying that a person was talking like a "New York Jew."

So I asked Mr. Printer, "What does a New York Jew" sound like?

Because, you know, I'm kinda curious.

The early port-a-john

After leaving Cracker Country and returning to Fairville, I saw more modern sights.

This guy really enjoys his job.

It was slow at the rose booth on Valentines Day.

Want to buy a sticker?

We have a bicycle sighting.

Inside the main fairgrounds hangar facility is a variety of commercial hawkers, including a fleet of vegematic demo people. This guy is named, "Zig," and he was very photogenic.

There was also a few organ and piano players in the house, too.

The Florida State Fair has an impressive array of freak scenes. Take a look.

This giant inflated Jack Daniels bottle was next to a restaurant that was sponsored by the Tennessee icon company.

And here's the real Jack Daniels sitting next to two statue boys.

Come to the Fair and get your photo taken. Maybe I can get a job there.

Here's a Fair goer getting his official photo.

This fella got a homemade cap made to celebrate the New York Giants' big win in the Super Bowl

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